Honey Ginger Dark Balsamic 250ml

Honey Ginger Dark Balsamic 250ml

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This combines sweet and savory to perfectly complement recipes featuring the seasons best offerings.

We love this:

  • drizzled over roasted veggies (brussies, squash, carrots, yams)

  • blended into mashed tubers and twice baked with a topping of cheese and bread crumbs

  • added to a deglazed pan sauce to finish chops or steaks

  • to make seasonal dressings for dark green salads with nuts, seeds and dried fruit

  • to caramelize onions for adding to whole grains like brown rice, wheat berries and farro

More? Sure there is when you combine great flavors like rich balsamic, tangy ginger and sweet honey.

Ingredients: organically grown balsamic vinegar (concentrated cooked grape must, wine vinegar), ginger juice, organic honey