Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Co. snacks have been a part of Rick’s life since high school when his family moved to Nebraska. That’s when he first heard the sound of the door opening and cheerful voices announce “The Mountain Man’s Here!”

Now, just a “few short years” later…Rick is the one hearing the cheers from customers as he enters their door bringing a favorite snack or precious memory of a treat from times past. “That is actually my favorite part of the day,” says Rick, “I absolutely love it when someone is transported back to a happy memory of a special person or time through a candy or treat we offer.”

Rick and his wife Charity purchased the business in 2012 with the idea of teaching their girls, Alexis and Mikaela, a work ethic that Rick’s dad taught him from a young age. Demand grew so quickly that they purchased a large van to provide even more delicious treats. This also allowed for better temperature control for the hot Oklahoma summers! Quality and freshness have always been Mountain Man’s priority, and Rick couldn’t agree more!

Rick’s brother convinced him he needed to offer a flashlight or two on the van (“everybody needs a flashlight!”). Now he offers an extensive line of NEBO flashlights and calls it the “calorie free section”!

In 2018, a seasonal “Holiday Store” was started and quickly became a destination stop for many folks from Northwest Oklahoma and even Kansas as word travels fast on the plains! In 2019, “locally made” items were added to the store and with plans to continue and grow this idea.

Our mission is simply: We aim to provide high quality products in a joyful and positive environment.

Come Visit Us This Holiday Season! Our Store Opens November 14th!!